I.C.E. Ultralite Emergency ID Tag

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I.C.E. Ultralite ID Tag

The I.C.E. Ultralite ID Tag allows riders and horse owners to keep identification on their horse while camping, trail riding, and during wildfire or hurricane season. This clever identification tag for horses has an aluminum carabiner that clips through a braid in your horse's mane. The highly visible ICE Ultralite ID Tag weighs less than 3/4 ounce and will stay secure as long as the braid is intact. For longer term use, check the braid daily to make sure it's secure.

I.C.E. Ultralite Identifcation Tag is ideal for competitive trail riders, endurance riders, camp enthusiasts, and those who live in areas where natural disasters have a long season. The highly visible I.C.E. Ultralite alerts first responders, rescuers, and evacuation centers that your horse has identification. The emergency tag can also attach to a saddle dee, to your own belt loop, and riding gear. Having identification for you and your horse makes a lot of sense, especially when you venture afar. The I.C.E. Ultralite ID Tag makes it easy!

  • Red, Bright Yellow, Hot Orange, Hot Pink or Lime
  • Stays secure for long periods of time
  • Use for riding, turnout, or in stalls
  • Less than 3/4 ounce
  • Owner information secured inside