Cavalor Strucomix Original


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Cavalor® Strucomix Original

The UPDATED Cavalor® Strucomix Original formula is a higher fat, higher fiber, lower NSC complete feed that contains all the natural ingredients a horse would have originally found grazing in the wild, including alfalfa stems. This textured mix contains puffed cereals, alfalfa stems and aromoatic herbs to improve digestion and increase fiber intake. The herbs in Strucomix Original provide benefits for all horses but especially for those prone to mild respiratory conditions and gastrointestinal issues. OAT FREE, CORN FREE, MOLASSES FREE Strucomix Original has always been oat and corn free, but now it is also molasses free! Strucomix Original is a great choice for horses that are experience a wide variety of gastrointestinal or metabolic issues. This feed is perfect for horses with ulcers, insulin resistance, cushings, and PSSM. It is now also higher in fiber with more long-stemmed alfalfa.

(No reviews yet)