Dressage Bridles

Dressage Bridles and Name Brand Dressage Tack

When shopping for dressage tack, the selection can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. What should you look for when it comes to choosing the perfect dressage bridle? Most experienced dressage riders agree that four key factors come into play when selecting a high-quality dressage bridle.

Firstly (and most importantly), the fit of your dressage bridle is a big consideration. The bridle you choose must be a comfortable size for your horse, and it must fit correctly in order to give you complete control and a reliable connection.

Next, consider the style of the bridle, especially if you plan on showing and competing. Are you looking for a dressage bridle that's fancy or something a little simpler? A wide brow band or a narrow nose band? Your style is personal to you and your horse, and it says a lot about you in the show ring.

The third factor is your personal riding style. If you've been competing in dressage for a long time, then you know exactly the type of dressage bridle that you're looking for. For many riders, their personal riding preferences have a lot to do with their horse. Perhaps your horse is uncomfortable in a flash noseband, or requires a dressage bridle with some extra padding at the poll. You and your trainer know your horse best, so only the two of you can decide what is ideal. While certain factors may be the right features for some riders, they might not work out for others.

The final determining factor for many horse owners is their budget. Cost is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a dressage bridles, but luckily, Mary's Tack and Feed understands the need to stick to your budget. This is exactly why we offer a very wide selection of name brand dressage bridles at all different price points.

At Mary's Tack and Feed, you'll discover an extensive selection of dressage tack and dressage bridles that takes into account all of the above factors. When you shop with us, you can choose from inexpensive, yet beautiful Henri de Revel bridles. as well as the highest quality, hand-rolled imported double bridle from Passier. We have an outstanding combination of dressage bridle styles, features and materials to suit every rider, as well as a wide range of price points to accommodate any budget.

Browse Mary's Tack's collection of dressage tack and you'll notice bridles from top brands like Stubben, Passier, Schockemohle, KL Select, Vespucci and many others. If you're looking for something at a lower price point, Mary's also has a budget-friendly assortment of dressage bridles from equally reliable brands like Ovation, Waldhausen and Bobby's English Tack. If you or your horse require a bit of extra care when it comes to the bridle you use, we also carry specialty dressage bridles. The anatomically designed Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle is made to fit your horse's face to a T, or if you fancy a bit of bling on your dressage bridle, check out our selection of stylish dressage tack with Swarovski Strass crystals.

Once you've found the best dressage bridle for you and your horse (and your budget!) here at Mary's Tack and Feed, remember to care for it with leather cleaning and conditioning products to keep it looking and performing its best. Mary's even carries dressage bridle bags to keep your tack in top condition in storage or while traveling.