Black Oak Palm Ergonomic Bridle

KL Select

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Black Oak Palm Ergonomic Bridle

The new Black Oak Palm Ergonomic Bridle is a contemporary dressage bridle designed to relieve pressure on the horse's sensitive poll, ears, and mouth. The Palm Bridle is part of the affordable Black Oak tack line at KL Select and is modeled after the high end KL Select ergonomic dressage bridle. It features a wide padded cavesson with integrated flash strap.

  • Black drum-dyed leather
  • Shaped wide padded crown
  • Integrated flash
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Roller buckle on cavesson
  • Hook stud ends
  • Includes 3/4" Dressage Reins
  • Cob, Full, Oversize

The Palm Bridle has an ergonomic noseband shaped to fit the horse’s anatomy and alleviate pressure on the main facial nerve. An extra wide softly padded crownpiece distributes poll pressure and allows room for the horse’s ears to move. The Black Oak Palm Bridle has an elegant curved, flat padded leather browband and 1/2” cheeks. It comes complete with 3/4″ Dressage Reins.

(No reviews yet)