Decker Grooming Kit


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Decker Grooming Kit

Decker Grooming Kit will help new horse or pony owners get ready to ride. With five grooming essentials, the Decker Grooming Kit will let horse owners prepare for tacking up and post-ride care. All items are highest quality Decker brushes. The set includes the following:

  • Hoof Pick (1HP)
  • Mane and Tail Comb (GC-83)
  • Blue Ribbon Brush (95)
  • Mini Flex Small Rubber Curry (m-83)
  • Spring Steel Curry Comb (15-S)
  • In plastic drawstring bag
  • Assorted colors Red or Blue

The Decker Grooming Kit has a hoof pick, double sided metal curry com, flexible small rubber curry comb, Blue Ribbon body brush, and a mane and tail comb. The hoof pick is nickel plated steel with a flat blade and vinyl coated handle. The mane and tail comb is a full size plastic toothed comb. The Blue Ribbon brush has a medium stiff synthetic bristle with a smaller handle. The Mini Flex rubber curry is soft and has a rubber strap for easier use. A spring steel curry with handle is reversible with different teeth patterns. Use the side with longer teeth for shedding and the side with short teeth for light hair and dust removal. Decker Grooming Kit is a nice, affordable basic grooming care set that is great for those learning how to care for a horse.

(No reviews yet)