Calming and Behavior

Equine Calming Supplements

Even well-broke horses can get tense and nervous under certain circumstances, like trailering, showing, or being on stall rest. When you need a quiet horse for safety or more focused training, that's when a calming paste or supplement can be useful. Mare owners often find their horse is happier and more pleasant to be around when products like Equerry's Angel Maker are part of their feeding program.

Mary's has a wide variety of pastes, like Perfect Prep EQ Extreme and Total Calm & Focus, that can be given to a horse prior to stressful occasions to alleviate nervous behavior. Perfect Prep products can be combined for a comprehensive calming regimen for difficult horses. Daily, long term support can be given with powders, liquids, and pellets including Nupafeed, ECP Mushroom Matrix, and Grand Calm. Many products are safe and legal for horse show use.

Give your horse the ability to relax, learn safely, and perform quietly with outstanding calming supplements from Mary's. With oral pastes or pellets and powders for top dressing feed, you can find just the product your horse needs to achieve a calm demeanor.