Perfect Prep EQ Supreme Calming Paste

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Perfect Prep EQ Supreme Calming Paste

With added B Vitamins providing additional calming support, Perfect Prep EQ Supreme combines natural ingredients that lend calming support for your horse in a paste formula that is safe to use for horse shows and other competitions. Given to your horse or pony 1 hour before a stressful event or competition, EQ Supreme begins to work within an hour and lasts up to 6 hours. EQ Supreme can be used alone or in conjunction with other Perfect Prep products, depending upon your horse's needs.

Magnesium, Inositol & Thiamine calm the nervous system and relax your horse. L Tryptophan produces a feeling of overall well being. Perfect Prep Products blended these in just the right amounts for your horse, along with their proprietary blend of B vitamins, to produce this superior, effective calming paste - Perfect Prep EQ Supreme.

  • 80cc paste provides one dose for your horse or pony regardless of size
  • Safe to use in horse shows and other competitions
  • Contains no prohibited substances
  • Made by Perfect Products

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