Scented Jolly Ball Horse Toy

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The Scented Jolly Ball Horse Toy offers the same fun as a regular Jolly Ball but is scented for extra horse appeal! If your pony or horse is bored and needs something to play with in his stall or corral, a Jolly Ball Horse Toy by Horseman's Pride will keep him entertained. Toys can even help prevent unwanted bad habits and behavioral issues from forming.

Jolly Balls allow your horse to amuse himself or interact with you by grabbing the toy with his teeth and tossing it. Your horse may even grab onto the handle and twirl it around her nose! This 10 inch diameter durable horse toy inflates on its own and is okay for your horse to bite, toss and step on.

Choose from Bubblegum (Pink), Apple (Green), Peppermint (Red/White), Banana (Yellow), and Blueberry (Lt. Blue) scents!