Dare Cribbing Control Collar

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The Dare Cribbing Control Collar helps prevent horses from cribbing or windsucking with a comfortable strap that reduces hair loss and rubbing. The collar has a rectangular piece at the bottom that fits between the jaw bones, parallel to the esophagus and layrnx. This small block makes arching the neck difficult and applies upward pressure to make cribbing uncomfortable. This design targets the area needed to control windsucking, rather than on the horse's brow and poll. The rectangular block is completely covered in leather and extends both directions so that the strap is reversible.

The extra wide crown strap increases rigidity and disburses pressure on the neck and poll. It fits behind the ears (several inches behind where a halter would be) There is no bothersome strap across the horse's brow. The reduction of pressure points makes the Dare Collar more comfortable for your horse. Made from quality leather with stainless steel roller buckles on both sides. This enables you to fasten the collar on the horse from either side, allows greater adjustments in size, and eliminates one long leather end hanging from a buckle. The Dare Cribbing Collar comes in one size to fit most. Extra holes or half-holes can be punched as needed for a custom fit.

When fitting the collar to your horse, remember that it will loosen when the horse drops its head to eat and drink. Check the fit when horse is standing at typical cribbing position. After the collar breaks in and conforms to the horse, it may need to be tightened. Determined cribbers may need a tighter fit while other horses can be managed with a looser fit. The Dare Cribbing Control Collar is made from durable quality leather and will feel slightly stiff at first. Check and adjust the fit over time. Do not oil. One size, from Schutz Brothers.

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