Weaver Leather Miracle Collar

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The unique, effective design of the Weaver Miracle Collar makes it one of the most effective cribbing collars on the market. Carefully crafted by Weaver Leather of high quality harness leather with stainless steel hardware, the durable Miracle Collar only applies pressure when your horse attempts to crib. The collar can be worn at all times, if needed, and does not interfere with normal eating, drinking or grazing. The Miracle Collar is available at Mary's in Havana (darker) or Russet (lighter) leather and is very adjustable for just the right fit. Directions are included.

  • Size Small: Fits weanlings, yearlings and small ponies.
  • Size Medium: Fits larger ponies and average horses.
  • Size Large: Fits large horses, Warmbloods and Drafts.

Weaver Miracle Collar Fleece Covers are also available at Mary's Tack.

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