Bee Mine Saddle Cover

Mackey Equine Accessories

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Bee Mine Saddle Cover AP or Dressage

Bee Mine AP Saddle Cover and Bee Mine Dressage Saddle Cover are so practical and fashionable! These cute saddle covers from Mackey Equine will protect your English saddle from moisture, scuffs, and  dirt while adding a stylish touch to your tack room. The AP Saddle Cover fits general purpose/close contact/jump saddles. The Dressage Saddle Cover fits most dressage saddles. Both styles have an adjustable draw cord at the edges to create a good fit.

  • Water resistant polyester
  • Soft fleece lining
  • Adjustable draw cord
  • Fits most close contact/jump saddles or dressage saddles
  • Girth pockets

Bee Mine Saddle Cover is water resistant polyester with Mackey Equine's charming buzzing bee print. The interior of the English saddle cover is soft fleece. An outside pocket with adjustable quick release buckles let you secure the saddle girth on top of the cover. Bee Mine AP Saddle Cover or Dressage Saddle Cover are a great way to protect your saddle at home, in the trailer, or at the shows.

(No reviews yet)