Amigo Stock Horse Fly Sheet

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Amigo Stock Horse Fly Sheet with removable neck cover at! From the makers of Rambo we get the Amigo Stock Horse Flysheet made with the broader chested, wider rumped horses in mind. The Amigo Stock Horse Fly Sheet is soft and comfortable. Made of soft, knitted polyester this fly sheet will protect the horse from biting insects. Ultra breathable with a removable neck cover. The silver reflective outer material helps to protect from harmful rays. The Patented Front Leg Arch covers the front but offers room to move. The Shoulders are lined which helps protect the coat. Cross Belly Straps and a tail cord hold this fly sheet in place. There are D-rings sewn in for optional leg straps (leg straps not included). An extra large tail flap covers the hind quarters and sensitive tail area.

Amigo Stock Horse is a range of clothing for the stockier breeds. Sheets are sized in 2" increments for best fit. Stock Horse Clothing offers darting for the broader chested, wider rumped horse and a shorter drop (length down from back to legs).

  • Ultra Breathable
  • Patented Leg Arch
  • Removable Neck Cover Included
  • Shoulder Lining
  • Extra Large Tail Flap
  • D-rings for Optional leg straps

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