How to Fit A Blanket - Size & Measurement

At Mary's Tack & Feed we are experts at finding the correct size horse blankets & sheets - we do it all the time! Use our handy blanket measuring and sizing guide to get the right size blanket for your horse.

Blankets are measured & sized to fit the length of the body from center of chest to just before the tail. The length, rather than the height of the horse is the key measurement. Height does matter with the style, which we will address once you've measured the horse.

Most soft measuring tapes are just 60” long so you’ll only go that far. Be prepared to mark on your horse with a finger, chalk, or tape where the tape ends; start again at that point to continue measuring. Add the 2 measurements together. Some customers prefer to use one long piece of twine & then measure the length of the twine.

The figure below shows best how to measure your horse.horsemeasureimage.jpg

    • Stand your horse square on a level spot in a comfortable & secure place
    • Place the measuring tape or twine at the center of his chest 
    • Measure along the length of his body going across the widest part of his shoulder to where you’ll just meet the tail. Here’s where some folks make a mistake – do not measure to the middle of the tail. As you measure, keep the measuring tape level & taut. 
    • Add the two measurements together. Round up to the next full inch & now you’ve got your blanket size! Example: 77 1⁄2 inches is rounded up to 78 inches.

Now you know your horse blanket measurements are for a 78” blanket. Here is where we’ll address height & style or “cut” of blanket.

    • Euro Cut blankets typically measure in 3” increments 69”, 72”, 75”, 78”, 81”. They feature shoulder gussets, a smaller neck opening that’s more forward up the mane, a longer drop, and a roomier, boxy fit. At the tail end, Euro cuts tend to be square and extend about 3” off the top of the tail, not including tail flap. Drop refers to how far down the leg the blanket goes. Euro cut typically has 2 criss-cross belly straps. For tall horses, consider the Euro cut with longer drop to properly protect belly & upper legs from the elements.
    • Taper Cut blankets come in 2” increments 68”, 70”, 72” & up. Taper cuts are contoured through the body, especially at the hip. At the tail end, Taper cuts are contoured around the tail and may not have a tail flap. A wider neck opening allows less contact with mane. The drop is just below the belly. Consider Taper cut blankets for short to average height horses.