Walsh Grow With Me Foal Halter

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Walsh Grow With Me Foal Halter is not only adorable, it's well-made and economical. This adjustable leather foal halter from Walsh will grow with your little colt or filly so you don't have to buy another halter in the next size up. Such a handsome halter for you special baby! The Walsh Grow With Me Foal Halter has an adjustable nose and crowns, including two crowns in two different sizes. The crowns have double buckles for even more adjustability. There's also a removable catch strap. Beautiful havana leather halter for foals has solid brass hardware to complete the classic, elegant look.

  • Two crowns: 18.5" and 23" lengths
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Removable catch strap
    • Adjustable nose and crown