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Waldhausen Rose Gold Stirrups


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Waldhausen Rose Gold Stirrups

Waldhausen Rose Gold Stirrups are English fillis irons with a gorgeous rose gold color that will add a stylish touch to your saddle. Beautiful Waldhausen stirrup irons are made with durable stainless steel and finished with a shiny rose gold metal alloy. So unique and elegant! Rose Gold Stirrups look perfect with black and brown saddles alike and will inspire the rider to create Instagram-ready turnouts with saddle pads and wraps. Coordinate your outfit, too, and be prepared to soak up all the love headed your way.

Aside from being absolutely stunning, the Waldhausen Rose Gold Stirrups are beautifully made, nicely balanced, and have a thick cushioned tread for a secure foot. They are available in one size, 4.75, to fit most adult women.

  • Stainless steel with rose gold alloy
  • Cushioned black rubber tread
  • One pair
  • 4.75 size only