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Vac's Jersey No-Bow Wraps


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Vac's Jersey No-Bow Wraps

Vac's Jersey No-Bow Wrap for horse legs is incredibly soft and absorbent, perfect for supportive standing wraps. Vac's No Bow Wraps originated over 25 years ago and have only grown more popular over the years. The foam interior gives just the right amount of cushioning without a lot of thickness. The foam is dense and sponge-like making them easy to wrap securely around the horse's leg contours. The result is a great non-slip fit. Both sides of the Vac's No-Bow Wrap are the super soft fleece material. Minimal quilting keeps the foam from shifting or bunching. Vac's Jersey No-Bow Wrap can be used with standing bandages for stall use or for shipping protection. Packaged in pairs, two wraps of the same size. Available in 12, 14, 16, and 18 inch widths.

  • Very soft material
  • Non-slip pliable fit
  • Dense, thin foam interior
  • Absorbent