UltraShield Red Equine Fly Spray 32oz

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Unfortunately, we all know that where there are horses, there will be flies. Having an effective fly spray in your grooming kit for use on your horse or pony is a must, especially during the warmer months when flies are abundant. Effective fly prevention keeps your horse comfortable and happy.

Absorbine Red Fly Repellent Spray is a broad spectrum insecticide that is effective on biting & nuisance flies, ticks, and mosquitoes. Effective for up to 7 days under normal conditions, Absorbine Red Fly Spray contains oil free coat conditioners that give your horse's coat a beautiful shine while killing and repelling bugs.

  • 32oz Spray Bottle
  • Made by Absorbine
  • 5 Active Ingredients
  • Effective for up to 7 days