UlcerGard Paste for Horses - 4 doses

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Going to horse shows, traveling, trailering and being on stall rest are a few of the stress factors that can lead to gastric ulcers in horses. It's estimated that 63% of performance horses and 51% of foals have stomach ulcers. During stressful times, treating your horse with UlcerGard Paste for 8 to 28 days provides protection that can keep your horse from going off his feed and developing ulcers that could keep him from being at the top of his form.

UlcerGard contains omeprazole which is the only medication approved by the FDA to prevent stomach ulcers. UlcerGard suppresses acid production in the stomach which can lead to ulcers. Each tube contains four daily doses for a 600-1200 pound horse.

  • Active Ingredient: omeprazole
  • Made by Merial.
  • Each syringe contains 4 daily doses.