Succeed Digestive Conditioning Granules

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SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Granules

The SUCCEED digestive conditioning program is a breakthrough in equine nutrition for horses with digestive upset. Available at Mary's in 30 Day, 60 Day and economy 180 Day sizes. SUCCEED horse digestive supplement contains all natural ingredients in a granular form to top dress your horse's feed. SUCCEED supports the normal, healthy functioning of the entire equine digestive tract. The ingredients include: oat oil rich in polar lipids, oat flour with a high content of Beta-Glucan soluble fiber, yeast extract, and the amino acids - L-Threonine and L-Glutamine. The oat products give SUCCEED a natural oat flavor that horses love. It is truly "success from the inside out." SUCCEED is widely used and recommended in all areas of the performance horse world from the race track, to jumpers, Olympic dressage and western competition.

  • SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is available in a 30, 60 or 180 day container.