Solitude IGR Feed Thru Fly Control

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Solitude IGR is a innovative feed-through fly preventive which, when added into a horse's ration daily according to the directions, will prevent house and stable fly development around the barn. The ingredient cyromazine in Solitude binds to the manure so when the flies lay their eggs, it prohibits the formation of chitin. This results in the flies being unable to develop between the pupae and larvae stage. Solitude IGR Fly Preventive comes in a 6 lb bucket that provides 192 doses for one horse or a 20 lb bucket that contains 640 doses, perfect for the larger barn. Feed one 1/2 ounce daily to all horses on premises. Ideal for backyard horse owners or smaller boarding facilities. Full results seen after 4-6 weeks of use.

  • From Zoetis US, a division of Pfizer
  • 6 lb or 20 lb bucket