Shoulder Relief Cinch with Fleece Liner

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Shoulder Relief Cinch with Fleece Liner

Shoulder Relief Cinch with Fleece Liner has the Total Saddle Fit anatomical design plus a removable plush fleece liner for luxurious comfort. The contoured western cinch adjusts the position and angle of the saddle billets so they are positioned correctly to not interfere with the horse's shoulder. The Shoulder Relief Cinch from Total Saddle Fit has a wider center that is set 2 inches forward from the sides of the cinch. This allows the cinch to sit in the horse's natural girth groove. The sides of the cinch are perpendicular to the latigos, preventing the saddle from pulling forward due to improper alignment.

The Shoulder Relief Cinch won't interfere with the elbows or shoulders and it prevents irritation and galling. The luxurious plush pure wool fleece liner attaches securely along the Velcro backing. Soft fleece is a great choice for horses with sensitive skin who appreciate the soft padding. The Shoulder Relief Fleece Cinch features durable stainless steel hardware, attractive stitching, and 2 dee rings to attach reins and accessories.

  • Anatomical shape
  • Leather with removable liner
  • 100% wool fleece liner
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Black with black fleece liner or Brown with white fleece liner
  • Cinch is measured from buckle end to buckle end

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