Royal Rider Bit

Royal Rider Italy

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Royal Rider Bit

The Royal Rider Bit with mullen style mouthpiece is a super lightweight polymer material that is durable and antibacterial. The sturdy food-grade plastic resin won't degrade due to bacteria and is easy to keep clean and hygienic by simply rinsing it with water. Royal Rider Bit's ergonomic shaping in the center leaves space for the horse's tongue without interfering with the palate.  This bit was designed for general use and can be used with young, sensitive horses.

  • Very lightweight polymer
  • Rigid mullen mouth
  • Narrower shaped segment in center
  • Reinforced inside with steel cable
  • Safe, gentle
  • Antibacterial
  • Black, Grey

The Royal Rider Bit has a straight mullen bar mouthpiece with a narrower segment in the center. There are four ridges on this center section that add a little extra pressure when reins are engaged. The eggbutt cheeks are three inches (7.5cm) and suitable for multiple riding disciplines.  The contemporary look and DuPont technical material adds up to a modern, functional bit for your horse. The Royal Rider Bit is made in Italy.

Due to the polymer material of the Royal Rider Bit, it is not eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program.

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