Reinsman Sharon Camarillo Plus Touch Wrap Bit

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From the Sharon Camarillo collection at Reinsman, this Plus Touch Lifesaver Wrap Bit is geared towards Western performance horses. Particularly recommended for horses with sensitive mouths that need light to medium control in the competition arena. The 6 "independent cheeks use tongue, lip, bar, and curb pressure to achieve control. Curb can be adjusted for an increased feel or additional control when needed.

The wrapped mouthpiece encourages salivation to keep a light feel in the mouth. Oval center piece applies targeted tongue pressure with increased rein action. This Reinsman Stage B bit was created with input from barrel racing Cowgirl Hall of Famer Sharon Camarillo. It is available in 5 1/2" mouth.

  • Reinsman # 732 - Stage B
  • 6 " Cheeks, 5 1/2" Mouth