Rambo Original Micklem Multibridle

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Rambo Original Micklem Multibridle

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle is designed to fit the shape of the horse's skull, not just the appearance of the head. This makes it the most comfortable, flexible, and effective bridle you will own. Created by International coach William Micklem, the Rambo MICKLEM MULTIBRIDLE is three main pieces of equipment in one:

  • 1. A BRIDLE (including integral noseband)
  • 2. A LUNGE CAVESSON (add lunge line to ring on nose piece)
  • 3. A BIT-FREE BRIDLE (2 alternatives)
  • Plus, use as a halter for added value!

(More information for assembling the Micklem Multibridle is available by clicking on the video icon above)

Anatomical design prevents damage and discomfort to facial nerves and sensitive tissues inside cheeks and mouth caused by tight cavesson and flash nosebands, as well as some traditional bit-free bridles and lunge cavessons.

Many horses fight rein contact and try to put their tongue over the bit due to excessive tongue pressure. Tongue Protection Clips join the bit to the side rings for a unique and effective tongue relief and protection system. The crownpiece is padded and shaped so that it has a large bearing surface over the poll, giving relief to many horses. The Micklem Multibridle also provides two bit-free options to suit your horse, avoiding potential damage to molars caused by standard bitless bridles. The result is the best bridle, the best lunge cavesson and best bitless bridle you will ever use!

The Rambo Micklem Multibridle is ideal for amateurs and professionals who choose kinder, gentler methods to create willing, comfortable horses. Eventers, riding schools, long distance and hunting riders will alll benefit from the performance, versatility, and savings.

The FEI Dressage Committee tested and approved the Rambo Micklem Bridle for use in international dressage competitions where a snaffle is allowed.

This bridle comes with all of the parts you need to use it as a bitless bridle, a bitted bridle, and a lunging halter. Reins are now included with the Micklem Multibridle for even more value!

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    Beautiful Bridle if only it fit my mare.

    Posted by Lisa E. on 14th Jun 2016

    I was so excited to get my bridle in the mail. Am very happy with the quality of the leather and versatility of the design, unfortunately it does not adequately fit my thoroughbred mare. I am not very good at returning purchases. I hope i can find someone to sell this too that is willing to pay close to the purchase price. Perhaps a cob size would fit my mare instead. I would have thought a full size would be appropriate (she is a 15.3 hand OTTB) but I can't seem to get the headstall short enough to make the nose band sit where is should be on her nose and at the same time, have the bit sitting where it should in her mouth. :(