Professional's Choice VenTECH Contour Cinch Neoprene

Professional's Choice

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Professional's Choice VenTECH Contoured Cinch with Neoprene Liner

Professional's Choice VenTECH Contoured Cinch has a removable ventilated neoprene liner, ventilated shell, and ergonomic shape for comfort and performance. VenTECH technology from Professional's Choice ensures better air circulation for a cooler, drier horse. This Western cinch has stainless steel updated buckles that keep the latigo in place. You can count on Professional's Choice for smart products with new technology in reliable designs that get the job done.

  • Ventilated TPU exterior
  • Detachable Ventech neoprene liner
  • Stainless Steel hardware
  • Black, Chocolate

The exterior of the VenTECH Contoured Cinch is ventilated TPU material that's durable and flexible. The contoured shape means your horse has complete range of motion for his shoulders and the cinch remains stable. The  VenTECH neoprene liner helps prevent slipping. It peels off so it can be rinsed or washed to keep the cinch clean and safe. Professional's Choice VenTECH Contoured Cinch with Neoprene Liner is available at Mary's in Black or Chocolate.

(No reviews yet)

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