Pet Medication & First Aid Supplies

Here at Mary's Tack and Feed, we love our household pets just as much as we love our horses. We know how important it is to keep your dog or cat healthy, which is why we offer a vast selection of name brand pet medications and first aid supplies made especially for our smaller animal friends. Natural anxiety medications from brands like Comfort Zone and HomeoPet make it safe and easy to transport your pet in the car, while antiseptic ointments like Corona Ointment are designed to help treat cuts or scratches on your pet's gentle skin.

To keep your pet healthy for the long term, our wide selection of dewormers and chewable supplements will prevent unwelcome parasites and boost his or her immune system. Mary's also offers high quality bandage wraps, medications and antibacterial sprays that are absolute essentials in any smart pet owner's at-home first aid kit. Get the very best prices on all of these pet medications and first aid supplies only from Mary's Tack and Feed.