Farnam Tri-Care Wound Treatment

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Tri-Care Wound Treatment by Farnam

Farnam Tri-Care Ointment is a 3-way wound treatment, available in two sizes. It provides an antiseptic, pain reliever and fly barrier in one ointment! Lets your horse heal properly while easing his discomfort. Tri-Care is for use on cuts, scrapes, scratches, bites, rope burns, abrasions and skin irritations. Antiseptic action helps prevent infection. Contains Benzocaine to aid in pain relief

Tri-Care pain relief ointment for horses creates a barrier against flies, germs and water. Also contains emu oil and tea tree oil to help promote healing. Aids in treating topical conditions with a bacterial or fungal basis. Easy-to-use tube keeps product clean and free of dirt and other contaminates. For use on dogs, too.

  • Citronella scented 4 ounce tube or 14 oz jar
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