Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax

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Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax

Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax horse treats from Manna Pro have delicious natural flavors in a low starch formula. Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax are based on beet pulp, making them a safe snacking choice for horses that should not eat molasses or added sugar. Good for pon-pons that need to watch their figures, too.

Ingredients include beet pulp, soybean hulls, linseed meal, sodium bentonite, brewer's dried yeast, natural flavors

Manna Pro horse treats will appeal to horses and ponies with their Carrot or Apple flavors. Nutrigood Low Sugar Snax are tasty, nutritious and all natural. The horse cookies are small in size, so they are great for training rewards, too. The 4lb resealable bag has plenty of treats to keep the whole barn happy.

  • Low starch, low sugar
  • Apple or Carrot flavors
  • Resealable 4lb bag
  • Made in USA