Nutrient Scoop All-In-One Horse Supplement

Nutrient Scoop

$79.99 - $459.99

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Nutrient Scoop All-In-One Horse Supplement

Nutrient Scoop from Mary's Tack & Feed is a premium horse supplement that covers every nutritional need so your horse can thrive. The 11-in-1 formula includes horse supplements for joints, hooves, bone and dental health, gut health, and much more. Nutrient Scoop is the first equine supplement to include a postbiotic. This postbiotic for horses is proven to assist with hindgut digestion, enhance immunity, and support joint health. Are you unsure which supplements would benefit your horse? Get the Scoop! Nutrient Scoop provides vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, and more with the best ingredients backed by science. This exclusive, economical head-to-hoof horse supplement is available only at Mary's Tack & Feed.

Joint | Muscles | Tendons & Ligaments | Bone Density | Hoof | Coat | Electrolytes & Hydration | Foregut stomach health | Hindgut health | Calming | Immunity

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  • Backed by the Latest Science
  • Bio-available Ingredients
  • One Scoop Formula
  • Palatable, Highly Effective
  • 3 lb - 16 day supply; 11 lb - 58 day supply; 19 lb - 101 day supply: 26 lb - 138 day supply

Nutrient Scoop was developed by equine nutritionist Dr. Colleen Wilson, who wanted to create the best complete equine supplement based on the latest nutritional research. She chose Mary's Tack & Feed exclusively to offer it to horse owners. Nutrient Scoop's granular form is easy to feed, even without grain, helps clear sand from the digestive tract, and is extremely palatable. Horses love to eat it! Nutrient Scoop is especially valuable for large barns that have many horses with different nutritional needs. The comprehensive ration balancer is perfect for performance horses, growing horses, and aging horses. Give your horse the best complete equine supplement with Nutrient Scoop from Mary's!

Regarding the scoop in Nutrient Scoop: the scoop enclosed in each bucket does indeed measure 3 oz. of Nutrient Scoop.  The scoops are marked on the bottom as 6 (fluid) oz. They are pre-stamped by the scoop manufacturer with what they measure of water, not Nutrient Scoop.  We carefully check the bulk density of every batch to ensure the scoop measures 3 oz of our product.


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    Nutrient Scoop

    Posted by Keri Potter on 11th Apr 2023

    I have had at least 10 horses on nutrient scoop for the past six months and I love the results on all of my horses. They look and feel amazing!!! It’s an incredible balance of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that support our horses for a high performance show jumping. I highly encourage other barns to look into this amazing product that supports horse health and nutrition to the highest extent. When striving for the best we need the best and I really feel that this product does the job. Keri Potter

  • 5
    Our Favorite Supplement

    Posted by Susan McArdle on 11th Apr 2023

    We've been using Nutrient Scoop for over a year on 10+ horses and the number keeps growing. They horses feel great and look shiny with healthy weight. Having an all in one is so easy to go from barn to show, just grab one bucket! No mixed bags and multiple buckets or paks.

  • 5
    so far so good!

    Posted by Atticus on 27th Jun 2022

    Have been using for only a couple of month but, my thouroughbred is looking better in his coat (shiny, silky) his temprament is more balanced and his hooves are beginning to show signs of improvement. Plus, he loves it (I do cut an apple into it!) And super convenient.

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    All-in-one Supplement Worth the $$

    Posted by Kate Birgenheier on 20th Jun 2022

    I did not want to go down a crazy rabbit hole of supplements for my 5 year-old gelding. Yes, since he’s a working cowhorse and in a stable/run situation he needed a supplement. However, it just didn’t make sense to me to have him on a crazy mix of 5 plus supplements. Simpler is often best when it comes to all the horses I’ve owned. Therefore when I found Nutrient Scoop at Mary’s Tack Shop I was intrigued. My gelding has only been on it for 4 months, but he’s doing great. As a plus, I get constant compliments about his shiny coat. I am a farrier, and I have noticed a positive difference in his overall hoof health too. I highly recommend this supplement. Thank you for making it!!