Nunn Finer Tack Up Grip Spray

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Tack Up Grip Spray from Nunn Finer is an anti-slip product to add extra stick and grip to your saddle or tall boots. The convenient spray can allows you to apply a fine layer of product to your saddle flaps or the calf of your boots. It wipes clean after your ride. The spray dries quickly, provides instant grip, and is long lasting. Nunn Finer Tack Up Grip Spray is safe for use on leather, but testing for colorfastness and cleanability is the first step for use. Pick an inconspicuous area on saddle or boots to test the product before spraying it all over everything. Just to be safe! Nunn Finer Tack Up Grip Spray is especially nice for newer boots and saddles and for more confidence in the show ring.

  • 5 oz spray can