Nothin' to Hide Ultra Wishbone Chews

Fieldcrest Farms

$16.99 - $32.99
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Nothin' to Hide Ultra Wishbone - Several Sizes

The Nothin to Hide Ultra Wishbone has a delicious beef glaze plus wonderful texture that will give your dog all the chewing happiness she desires. Nothin' to Hide dog chews are a safer, wholesome alternative to rawhide. They are high in protein, low calorie, and made from natural ingredients.

  • Beef 1-pack in 7" size
  • Beef 2-pack in 5" or 7" size
  • Beef 12-pack in 3" size
  • High protein, low calorie
  • Highly digestible

Nothin' to Hide dog chews are created from beef hide that is ground into a powder and cooked at high temperature to become hydrolyzed collagen. It is then mixed with other ingredients and ground into a paste that is shaped into a wishbone. Each chew gets an application of beef gravy for maximum taste. The final step is a special high-heat cooking process that creates the digestible and long-lasting chew.

(No reviews yet)