Nothin To Hide Dog Chews

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Nothin To Hide Dog Chews

Nothin’ to Hide chews for dogs are chicken or beef coated chews that are highly digestible, making them a safe alternative to rawhide chews. In small or large sizes to suit the size of your dog, these chicken or beef coated chews provide an enjoyable, tasty chewing experience for your dog.

Dogs have a natural desire to chew, as any dog owner can attest. Chewing the right things (not shoes) can help promote strong teeth and healthy gums. Nothin To Hide Dog Chews are a tasty occasional treat. Since they are far more digestible than traditional rawhides they won't last as long, but they are safer for your dog. Rawhides can cause choking and blockages in the esophagus and digestive tract, but dogs love to chew! So Nothin' To Hide Chews are a good alternative.

  • 96% digestible
  • Resealable package
  • Chicken or Beef flavored
  • Small 4"-5" is for small/medium dogs
  • Large 8"-10" is for medium/large dogs
  • 2 chews per package

We recommend and suggest supervising your pet with any chew toy or treat, especially one they haven’t had before. If they aren’t acting quite right, call your veterinarian right away!

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