Myler Comfort Snaffle HBT Shank Bit

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Designed by Myler, the Stainless Steel Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle Bit features HBT Shanks that move independent of the mouthpiece. The HBTs are a five inch shank bits with two rings and a fixed mouthpiece. A Myler Level 1 bit, the HBT Comfort Snaffle is a wonderful transitional Western bit for young horses but also works well for horses with more advanced training. MB01. The size five fits most horses.
Level One Myler Bits are designed for the horse has just started training or has had little training, is learning the basics, and/or has begun to "break at the poll" depending on your riding style. Featuring the curved mouthpiece, the Level One bits apply a bit of bar pressure, but most of the pressure is evenly distributed over the tongue. Additionally, the Level One bits are also suitable for beginning riders.

  • Size 5
  • Level 1, MB-01
  • 89-20015

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