What are Mecate Reins used for?

Posted by Mary's Tack & Feed on 21st Jul 2021

What are Mecate Reins used for?

In the Western style of riding, there are several different types of reins which can be used. Split Western reins are probably the most common. Other options include Romal reins and roping reins, which are used for certain competitions and practical functions. However, there's another style called mecate reins which are less widely used but serve a very important purpose. Learn more about mecate Western reins to see if you need a set for your own riding needs.

What Is a Mecate Rein?

Mecate reins are a type of Western rein that are used with a bosal or hackamore. The mecate is a single length of rope measuring which attaches to the bosal to create a loop around the neck of the horse. The remaining rope is tied around the saddle horn and used as a lead. Mecate reins are typically braided from horsehair or nylon and can be found in a range of thickness options.

What Are Mecate Reins Used For?

Mecate reins are used for early horse training. In fact, the mecate and bosal setup is considered to be a variation on Spanish vaquero training. The weight and texture of the rein helps to facilitate the training by providing subtle cues to the horse.

How to Use Mecate Reins

Most mecate reins measure about 20 to 25 feet long. About 8 to 10 feet are used to create the reins with the bosal. The remaining 10 to 15 feet are used as the lead rope. Because the reins are a single, long rope, it enables riders to customize the fit to their horse and their training purposes.

When riding the horse, mecate reins are coiled around the saddle horn and used to direct the horse. When dismounting, these reins can continue to be used as a lead rope.

Where to Buy Mecate Reins

At Mary's Tack and Feed, you'll find a number of great options for Western mecate reins. These reins come from quality brands that riders can trust when it comes to their horse's training results.


With the Weaver Horseman's Braid Mecate, you get a nice and tight yacht braid that's handcrafted in the U.S. and offers outstanding quality and durability. This mecate rein measures 24 feet long.

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Weaver Leather also makes a mecate rein with black horsehair. The woven Weaver Tail Hair Mecate has a total length of 20 feet and features a classic, traditional look.


If you're looking for a premium option, consider the Double Diamond Buck Brannaman Mecate. This mecate rein is made from 12 strands of military-style parachute cord braided over a nylon core for added durability and a comfortable grip. This rein measures 22 feet long.

Shop at Mary's Tack and Feed today to find quality mecate reins along with all the other Western tack supplies you need.