How to Choose the Best Winter Horse Riding Gear

Posted by Mary's Tack & Feed on 28th Dec 2021

How to Choose the Best Winter Horse Riding Gear

Whether you're an experienced horseback rider looking to upgrade your winter riding apparel or you're a beginner looking for advice for staying warm during the cold weather season, there are a few things you'll need to know before choosing your winter horseback riding gear. Unlike spring and summer months, when you can throw on a pair of breeches and hop in the saddle, the winter months require a bit of forward thinking. Certain concerns must be addressed, like how to keep your hands warm while holding the reins, how to make sure your ears stay protected against the wind and whether or not you should add an extra layer to your usual riding outfit. Luckily, Mary's Tack and Feed has you covered with smart tips and tricks for choosing the best winter horse riding gear for all types of riding.

Upgrade Your Riding Apparel

First, you'll want to look at your riding apparel - this means your actual jeans, breeches and shirt or jacket. If these aren't made with some type of technical fabric or wool, it's likely time for an upgrade before any winter riding. Invest in a pair of technical breeches for men or women designed specifically for winter weather, which may include things like fleece lining or wind-resistant technical fabric. On top, layer your riding apparel with things like quilted vests, fleece-lined jackets or a moisture-wicking hoodie to keep you warm and dry in the saddle. For particularly cold days, you may even add an insulated coat on top.

Add Cold Weather Accessories

The winter season is a great time to invest in riding accessories that will make you more comfortable in the saddle. Clothing items like socks, gloves and hats will keep you cozy from head to toe, and we carry options that are designed especially for horseback riders. Choose a pair of winter riding gloves that allow for ample hand and finger movement to control your horse while staying warm, and then layer a pair of winter riding socks under your riding boots to add a layer of waterproof warmth. To keep your head and ears protected, we carry hats, headbands and even scarves that you can wear while riding.

Find the Right Winter Riding Boots

Winter often brings along unwanted snow, ice and otherwise mucky conditions around the barn, so you'll want to make sure you're prepared with waterproof boots that offer added traction. While you may continue to wear your trusty riding boots when you're actually in the saddle, it may be smart to invest in a new pair of waterproof work boots or snow boots to get around in that blustery winter weather.

Be Ready for Horseback Riding this Winter

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