LeMieux Waterproof Ride On AP/CC & Dressage Saddle Covers


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LeMieux Waterproof Ride On Saddle Covers CC and Dressage

LeMieux Waterproof Ride On Dressage Saddle Cover and the CC/Jump Saddle cover protect your saddle when you need to ride in rainy conditions. The waterproof saddle covers from LeMieux have a silicone grip seat. This gives the rider greater security and stability while riding in wet weather.

  • Dressage and CC/Jump styles
  • Waterproof
  • Excellent saddle coverage
  • Black

Close Contact or Dressage style LeMieux Waterproof Ride On Saddle Covers have a low key in black. They have a contoured shape for a proper fit that keeps the entire saddle covered to protect the leather. There is an opening for stirrups and leathers. LeMieux Waterproof Ride On Saddle Cover for Dressage or CC/Jump Saddles is a must have for horseback riders in rainy climates.

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