LeMieux Derby Fetlock Boots


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LeMieux Derby ProJump Fetlock Boots

LeMieux Derby ProJump Fetlock Boots protect the horse's hind fetlocks with a tough TPU outer shell that absorbs impacts. The low profile look, ventilation, and excellent fit add to the appeal of these affordable hind jumping boots.

  • Double Velcro closure
  • Sleek fit
  • Maximum airflow
  • Machine wash, air dry

LeMieux Derby Fetlock Boots have a vented shell that allows maximum airflow and cooling. A flexible contoured design provides protection where it's needed while allowing a superior fit. A soft and breathable inner lining is gentle to the horse's skin and coat. Derby ProJump Fetlock Boots from LeMieux protect vulnerable ligaments, tendons, and bone from impacts while allowing total range of motion for the horse.

(No reviews yet)