Kingsland KL Nenna Fleece Bandages

Kingsland Equestrian

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Kingsland KL Nenna Fleece Polo Bandages

Kingsland KL Nenna Fleece Polo Bandages in a set of four are high quality smooth fleece polo wraps for your horse's legs. The Kingsland Nenna Polo Bandages are made with durable soft fleece in the perfect thickness for wrapping. This barn essential will protect your horse's legs in style, with a polished and professional look.

  • Set of 4 wraps
  • Navy, White, Horizon Blue
  • One size

Fleece Polo Bandages from Kingsland Equestrian are made from polyester fleece that stretches and relaxes, allowing a nice amount of give. These fleece polo bandages are durable, washable, and fade resistant. KL Nenna Polo Bandages have a long, easy to handle silicone closure tab over velcro so you get the right fit. The tab has a low key, modern Kingsland logo. Choose from White, Horizon Blue, or Navy.

(No reviews yet)