Kingsland Darrel Protection Boots

Kingsland Equestrian

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Kingsland Darrel Protection Boots

Kingsland Darrel Protection Boots will protect your dressage horse's legs and look sharp and professional. KL Darrel Boots are made with a polyurethane material in fancy basketweave pattern that is unique and stylish. They are durable and easy to maintain. Faux fleece keeps your horse comfortable by preventing pressure and rubs.

  • 100% Polyurethane
  • Unique woven design
  • Faux fleece
  • Sturdy elasticated closures
  • Medium, Large, Extra Large
  • Black, White
  • One Pair

Kingsland KL Darrel Protection Boots help guard against strikes and impacts to keep your horse's legs safe. The KL Darrel boots are breathable to prevent excess heat from building up. Full coverage horse boots are machine washable and can be dried flat or line dried. Sold as one pair. In White with cream fleece or Black with black fleece. Kingsland Darrel Protection Boots match the Kingsland Dean Bell Boots!

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