Jod Pant Clips

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Jod Pant Clips

Jod Pant Clips  from EquiStar are a pair of elastic straps with secure clips on each end. Simply clip one end to the lower hem of your pants, pass the strap under your boot and clip the other end to the hem. It seems to be easier if you start by clipping the outer hem first then attaching the other end to the inside hem.

Jod Pant Clips can be worn with jodhpur riding pants to give an extra neat look in the show arena. They also work well to hold your jeans or pant legs inside boots while riding. You can even use them to keep pant legs inside winter boots. EquiStar Jod Pant Clips come in a set of 2, one for each pant leg. They are adjustable to fit children and adults.

  • One pair- 2 straps
  • Secure clips on each end
  • Adjustable