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Jeremiah Watt Low Port Short Shank Argentine Bit


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Jeremiah Watt Low Port Short Shank Argentine Bit

Jeremiah Watt Low Port Short Shank Argentine Bit has a 6" length for moderate leverage with enough purchase to engage the poll before the full effect of the port is felt. This jointed low port correction mouthpiece has easy swivel movement for independent action. The new AC-200 style cheek from Jeremiah Watt is solidly functional as well as beautifully artistic. Jeremiah Watt made his name as a saddle maker then branched out into spurs, bits, and silver engraving. His roundabout journey, discerning eye, and incredible work ethic found full realization in his elegant yet completely functional pieces. The Short Shank western bit is proof of that, with a graceful shape and signature embellishments.

The solid rein ring at the bottom allows a clear connection and encourages a quick response. The swivel port mouthpiece has copper stripe inlays to encourage a moist, soft mouth. This western shank bit comes in one size to fit most horses. Among many reasons to buy your horse bit at Mary's is the convenient bit trial program so you can use the bit before committing to keeping it. This Jeremiah Watt Low Port Short Shank Argentine Bit is eligible for Mary's Bit Rental Program. Click now for details!

  • AC#200-#10 Correction mouthpiece
  • 6" swivel cheeks
  • 5" mouthpiece
  • Bit Rental eligible