Ice Horse Full Coverage Hind Leg Wraps

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This pair of Ice Horse Hind Leg Wraps provides full coverage therapeutic treatment for your horse's hind leg from above the hock all the way down to the pastern/fetlock. Well designed and durable, the Hind Leg wraps can be used for hot or cold therapy for conditions such as stocking up, injuries, Lymphangitis, adema or Cellulitis.

This ingenious system comes with two full coverage Hind Leg wraps, the adjustable support strap system and sixteen FIRST+ICE Inserts made of a patented Propylene Glycol formula which is food grade for quality assurance and non-toxic properties.

Directions for use:

  • For Ice Therapy - Leave the First Ice Inserts in your home or stable freezer overnight and remove just before use. Store in a portable ice chest as necessary if you will be transporting them to your barn. The dry cold material is solid coming from the freezer. A simple 10-second massage of the re-freezable/ reusable bag results in a loose, flexible, cold source that configures to the horse's leg immediately.
  • Cross-tie the horse in a stall or wash rack. Wet down the horse's leg or legs with a sponge.
  • After massaging the FIRST+ICE pack to loosen the beads of ice cold relief, insert the packs into your Ice Horse boot and apply the boots, securing the straps. When finished, wipe down the FIRST+ICE packages and return them to the freezer. Store the boot in a dry location.
  • For Hot Compress Use -

  • BOILING provides best heating effectiveness. Bring pan of water to boil. Remove from heat. Place inserts in pan for 8 to 10 minutes. Remove insert from pan. Wrap insert in a light towel. Place in the Ice Horse wrap.
  • MICROWAVE: Place insert in microwaveable container and cover completely with water. Never heat without covering the insert with water. Place container in microwave. Heat at full power for three (3) minutes (time is based on 600 watt microwave oven). After heating, remove insert from water. Wrap insert in towel or leg or hock wrap, then place on horse's injury. If additional heat is required, heat in 30 second intervals.
  • If you would like additional information, we invite you to watch the Ice Horse Video Seminar, found on the next tab, featuring Chuck Dumbrell, founder of the Ice Horse Company.

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