Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil

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When you purchase a new saddle or bridle, it might not be as dark as you prefer. Leather tack comes in a variety of different shades, and it can be difficult to get your entire tack ensemble to match when you purchase items at different times. Mary's Tack and Feed carries Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil precisely for this situation because it makes lighter colored leather items darker at the same time that it nourishes your tack. This simple oil contains no dyes or harsh substances, and it is easy to control the darkness by adding more or less coats.

Hydrophane Leather Darkening Oil comes in a convenient tin can with an easy-to-pour top, and it can be applied with a soft cotton cloth. It protects leather from dryness, dust and moisture as it darkens, quickly absorbing into the leather and creating a natural looking finish. Our customers value this darkening oil for darkening lighter leathers and helping new leather match existing show tack.

  • Made in England.
  • 500ml.