How to Fit and Measure a Riding Helmet

Horse Riding Helmet Fitting Guide

Follow our horse-riding helmet fitting guide from Mary's Tack and Feed to find the best fit to protect your head from accidents or injuries. Whether you're just starting lessons or are a competitive show rider, the goal is a snug, perfectly positioned fit.

Measure up

Start out with a cloth measuring tape with inches on one side and centimeters on the other (or your preferred unit of measure). The best way to make sure the measurement is correct is to rely on a friend or fellow rider. To measure the largest part of your head, begin 1 inch above your brow or use the width of one or two fingers positioned above your brow. Pull the tape measure around the largest part of your head in this general area. Pull it snugly to ensure a tight (but not painfully so) fit. For example, if the measurement is 22 inches, you'd turn over the tape measure to discover the mark is at 56 centimeters. Some helmets are measured by inches in circumference and some are measured in centimeters. At Mary's Tack, we list size charts beside each of our premium-quality helmets.

Position your helmet

When you place the helmet on your head, make sure it's placed horizontally - not tilted. You don't want your horse-riding helmet to dip too low or rise too high on your forehead. Use your fingers. Make sure it sits no more than the width of one or two fingers above the brow. In the show ring, this ensures that the judges will be able to see your face and your helmet won't obstruct your view of your horse. Most important, the helmet will provide optimal protection.

Is it snug enough?

Move the helmet up and down while it is resting on your head. It should move the skin with it. If it moves loosely, that's not snug enough. Then adjust the harness or chin strap to make sure it's snug, too. If you fall, you don't want the harness to fall off and potentially strangle you. Some riders wear long hair under hairnets. If so, be sure the net is in place when measuring your helmet.

At Mary's Tack & Feed, we carry horse riding helmets for men, women and children that are approved by the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) and SEI (Safety Equipment Institute). Safety-certified helmets are equally important for training, dressage events and show riding. Shop our top brands in riding helmets from Charles Owen, GPA, One K, Troxel, Ovation and Tipperary for riders in training to veteran equestrians.