Herm Sprenger Shine Bright KK ULTRA Loose Ring 16mm

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Herm Sprenger Shine Bright KK ULTRA Loose Ring 16mm

Herm Sprenger Shine Bright KK ULTRA is a 16mm thick Sensogan mouthpiece bit with loose ring cheeks. The addition of a clear crystal accent at the outer ends of the mouthpiece make this Herm Sprenger bit distinctively elegant. The unique KK ULTRA mouthpiece is a double jointed design with a middle lozenge. This link, also called the bean, is shortened and angled forward by 45° so it lies gently on the tongue.
The result is even, consistent contact that permits clear instructions and communication.

The innovative KK ULTRA bits from Herm Sprenger utilize the the sensitivity of the horse‘s tongue for more precise contact between horse and rider. When the reins are pulled, the bean of the KK ULTRA is engaged completely on the tongue without squeezing while the link's connection rings roll on the tongue. The Herm Sprenger Shine Bright KK ULTRA Snaffle features an anatomically curved mouthpiece that is comfortable for the horse. The Sensogan metal encourages salivation and will not cause metal sensitivity. The lovely clear crystal on each side of the bit adds just the right touch of sparkle.

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  • Herm Sprenger #40604
  • Sensogan 16mm mouth
  • Double jointed KK ULTRA
  • 70mm loose rings