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Freejump Pro Grip Stirrup Leathers


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Freejump Pro Grip Stirrup Leathers

Freejump Pro Grip Stirrup Leathers are a unique hybrid design with a single extra wide strap on the lower half for amazing comfort against your leg. The Pro Grip Leathers from Freejump are guaranteed not to twist, making them an outstanding choice for competitive jumpers. The upper part of the leathers has a biothane backing for reinforcement. Biothane is a coated webbing material that's waterproof, flexible, and durable. The biothane lining makes it possible to put more adjustment holes in the leather than could ordinarily be done. As a result, the Freejump Pro Grip Leathers have an incredible 30 holes instead of the typical 20, allowing you a much more precise adjustment.

In addition, the Pro Grip has an interior surface that truly grips the saddle resulting in greater stability for your leg and your stirrups. If you do not desire the extra grip, the Freejump leathers also have a leather strap with no grip. The rubberized strap and leather strap are mounted on velcro for easy exchange. Freejump uses vegetal tanned leather which is safer for industry workers and the environment and has a warmer, more attractive look.

  • Choose the correct size based on rider height. Small - Less than 5 feet tall; Medium - 5'1" - 5'9"; Large - 5'9 and taller
  • Black or Brown