FITS Leather Belt


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FITS Leather Belt

The FITS Leather Belt is a chic equestrian belt that is perfect for everyday riding or casual wear. The new design from FITS features genuine buffalo leather with a custom matte silver buckle.

  • Genuine buffalo leather
  • Custom FITS buckle.
  • Slate color

FITS Leather Belt is a unique slate colored leather that makes a surprisingly versatile neutral. It works well with any color breeches. Accent stitching shades of aqua, magenta, and aluminum add just a bit of color and a lot of flair.

Size selected is based on placement of belt on body. Measure where you plan the belt to rest on your waist/hips.

  • XS = Extra Small 24-28" waist
  • S   = Small 27-31" waist
  • M  = Medium 29-33" waist
  • L   = Large  32-36" waist
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