EQyss Premier Botanical Equine Shampoo

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EQyss Premier Botanical Shampoo

EQyss Premier Equine Shampoo will clean your horse with natural botanicals that moisturize and encourage healthy skin. The pH balanced formula is gentle but extremely effective and is suitable for horses with sensitive skin. Premier Shampoo does not leave residues that attract dirt or clog pores. Your horse's coat will be shiny, the whites whiter, and the color richer.

EQyss is an environmentally-minded company that believes in cruelty-free human grade products so you can feel good about using Premier Shampoo on your horse and yourself. You won't find wax, silicone, DEA, or synthetic polymers on the ingredients label like you might with other equine shampoos. Premier Equine Natural Botanical Shampoo in the 32 oz. bottle smells lovely, rinses easily, and is concentrated to last. Enhance your results with Premier Equine Cream Rinse and Premier Botanical Spray from Mary's.

  • 32 oz bottle
  • Environmentally friendly - made with botanicals
  • No DEA, silicone, polymers, or petroleum products
  • Made by EQyss