EQODE Jump Saddle Pad

EQODE by Equiline

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EQODE by Equiline Jump Saddle Pad

EQODE by Equiline Jump Saddle Pad not only looks beautiful on your horse, it is durable and shock absorbing. Pair the EQODE saddle pad with your close contact/jump saddle and admire the elegant lines and stylish colors. EQODE by Equiline designed this English saddle pad to offer cushioning, good structure, and long lasting beauty.

  • Cushioned fill
  • Beautiful quilting
  • Contoured spine
  • Wicking, quick drying
  • 48% Polyester / 25% Cotton / 12% Linen

Close contact EQODE Jump Saddle Pad features a unique quilting design with polyester fill. The poly/cotton/linen twill fabric on both sides of the pad is tough enough for daily use. Square quilted saddle pad for jumping saddles has a contoured spine with EQODE branded fabric plus a girth loop to help keep your English saddle and pad secure. Solid color pad has matching binding.

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