DziaSport Easy-Off Standing Martingale


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DziaSport Easy-Off Standing Martingale

DziaSport Easy-Off Standing Martingale has a traditional hunter show look plus innovative design to make tacking up and horse showing much easier. The high quality leather martingale has a clip to attach to the D-ring on a girth. This eliminates the need to unbuckle the girth to slide off the martingale girth loop. There is also a loop that attaches to the noseband with a hook and stud closure so you can add or remove the martingale without unfastening the bridle noseband. Together, these attachments at both ends allow you to put on or take off a standing martingale without loosening or unfastening any other tack. The DziaSport Easy-Off Martingale is smart and convenient, especially for equestrian competition.

  • Durable leather
  • Fancy Stitching
  • Clip to attach to girth D-ring
  • Hook & stud closure loop for noseband
  • PONY = 12-14 hands
  • COB  =  14-16 hands
  • FULL =  16-18 hands

The DziaSport Easy-Off Martingale eliminates in-gate delays when riders dismount to remove or attach a martingale between flat classes and jumping classes. Without getting off the horse, a trainer or friend can add the DziaSport Easy-Off Martingale or remove it in about fifteen seconds. The time-saving martingale is especially valuable when trainers have multiple horses or ponies in jumping and flat classes. Besides convenience, the DziaSport Easy-Off Standing Martingale offers quality, durability, and classic fancy stitching for the hunters. The leather holds up to busy show seasons in all kinds of weather. The martingale comes in Pony, Cob, and Horse sizes with plenty of adjustment. Give yourself one less thing to worry about at the shows with the unique DziaSport Easy-Off Standing Martingale.

(No reviews yet)